Thursday, March 27, 2008

Levi & his camera adventure etc.

nice nostrils

it was only 45 degrees outside but this kid manages to lose his shoes.

a self-portrait of his Mr. Mischievous shirt...

nut. but I do have to say, he has gotten quite good at

self-portraits. love the cheeks.

like my Botox?

how can I torment this li'l lady?

this is my mad face

Nuff said....night.


becky said...

He really is good at the self portrait. I'm glad to see that one of your kids got something from me. :) His cheeks are so squeezable and kissable, even though he won't let me near him...jerk. :) Just kidding...

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Levi -- he's gettin darn good with that camera isn't he? He's funny - got a great sense of humor! Now, if we can just get him over that shyness. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!

Natalie said...

Love the puffy cheeks face and the mad face. I'm still laughing!