Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Longing for warmer weather

I don't want miserable heat but warmer days sound nice right about now. This top pic of Davey boy is one of my faves...ever. Even though he doesn't wear glasses anymore, it's a good pic. (and to think I actually took it).
Spring/Summer isn't so scary for me anymore now that we have the pool. It's a nice watering hole and a good place for cooling off on an oppressive, swampy Indiana day! I'll take one of those days right about now.
We have a layer of ice outside, as well as about an inch of snow, which isn't much, I know.
Just wanted to post some warmth. Have a superb Wednesday! Crazy busy day ahead for us! Hopefully I can get some pix of the madness!


becky said...

That is a great pic of David, I agree! I, too, despise the intense swampy heat, but would give my left arm for it about now...Thank goodness for your pool...we'll be taking advantage of that as well!!! Hope you enjoy your busy day! I'll see you soon!
Love, B

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

yup, c'mon over, you can swim any ol' time!
Hope you enjoy your busy day as well.
Love L

Stickers said...

Hey, delete your last comment on my blog. Everyone will see your answers. I reset the moderation feature just for the next week. Sherry cheats! :-) Love you Sherry! Smooch.

Smooches, Kara said...

And I am so over living in the South!! I hate the heat!! I hate sweating! I miss actual seasons!

BUT!! Before you and your sister give up any body parts reconsider and think about a trip my way ;) 70degrees baby!!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Great pictures!

Do you have air conditioning in the tree house? I love the heat...sometimes, but I'm all for a dip in the pool!


Heather said...

Is that green grass I spy? I forgot what that looked like! I dunno if I would give any body parts for swamp heat, but I'd give my Barry Manilow box set for a toasty June day!
Your pictures give me hope for spring! Thank you!

Jill and Crew said...

I want summer too!
If it snowed I would like this cold,
But not all this rain.


velvet said...

your pool looks awesome for some summertime fun - only a few more months to go! and your man is lookin' HAWT in that first pix! :)