Thursday, March 27, 2008

gotta lotta Molly

diggin' her new big girl seat!!

This little kitty is a whole lotta fun!

She graduated to her "big girl" seat this week...seems surreal that my last baby is almost 9 mos. old. mm mmm...slow down time!

We have a new nickname for her...the "human happy face"...she is such a joy and it really helps that she is deliciously adorable!

Just wanted to share a few pix of the baby...hope you all are doing well!

Up next: 4th installment of why you should hide your camera from your kids. really.


becky said...

The new nickname fits her PERFECTLY!!! She is so pretty and happy!!! I just love to squeeze her!! Can't wait to see her again's been almost a week! YIKES!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Such a pretty happy baby! She really should be a baby model you know.....Why don't you send some of those adorable pics into Family Fun Magazine or some such publication?