Friday, March 16, 2012

Hi. I'm still here...

Six of my most favorite people ever. 

a great pic of Will, and wow, not me. but that's really nothing new. Photogenic, I am not.

E wanted a pic with his momma too.

I love this guy.

pouters...they didn't want to come back home.

funny girls

The first installation of David's flooring system. Henryville Rest area, which may or may not have been decimated in the tornadoes a few weeks ago. I'm sure his floor is still there!

This spider...well, we killed it. Molly was less than thrilled to discover him on her sink. eww. this is for you, Dad.
Now that I'm pretty much done with my trip pix, give or take...I can begin to catch up on all the good things that have taken place since our return home a month and a half ago.

As for now, I have lotsa things to do for this evening so I'm outta here...Just wanted to finalize the trip pix.

Now, to come up with creative ways to express the past month's events and stuff.


Jack Oliver Young ~ 37 weeks with Jesus


Annette said...

Umm My heart will fly... Love it!

Facets of Life said...

me too, Annette! xoxo!!! Love the music when I visit your page!

Annette said...

I know Lori... I come here sometimes just to listen to her playlist!