Monday, March 26, 2012

etched in my mind

I was looking thru my pictures, trying to find a picture of TK's baby shower gift for Jack, to blog about for my sweet cousin, Tory. I will get that picture posted for you, TW.

but I stumbled onto this picture.

Not sure who stuck the yellow rose in the gaze of my camera, but look past it, at the group of my guys, carrying the casket of my sweet, salsa grown baby up the hill of Babyland on that perfect July day.

I will carry this image with me till I die.

I'm pretty sure that humanly, no momma ever wants to see this.

But since I have, I will try my best to use it to bring glory to God.

Jack Oliver Young, we are coming up on what would be your 9th month. I know he knows it, but we miss him every day.

Great expectations.

Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Such a poignant picture. Tear goggles have reappeared. Hugs, Tory

Annette said...

Tears... no words just tears...

Facets of Life said...

oh the memories... :'( Much love to you sweet friend!!! much love!

Tesha said...

I am So sorry you had to say goodbye...crying with you.

Duane and Shellee said...

Praying for yyouth rough tears my sweet friend..... Love you

Laurie and company said...

thanks to each of you, sweet ladies. knowing that you cry with me makes these tears all the sweeter.

tear goggles...laughter thru tears IS my favorite emotion, TW. i love that.

love to all ofyou.

Tim Rettger said...

Laurie, I just found your blog. Didnt know you had one till now. What a beautiful person you have become in our Lord. You represent our King well. I so much appreciated meeting you family what an encouragement you all are!

Laurie and company said...

Wow, Tim! Thank you so much for your words and thoughts.
My kids STILL talk about you and Kelley...we really need to meet up again.
Thank you, to both of you, for the encouragement you always were to me as a youngster. I have so many cool memories with you guys.