Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My beautiful friend, Kellie, teaching our kids some cool science things at White River Home Educators.

look at that rapt attention...

Molly's funny face. someone please comb this child's hair. I try. She has had a bang trim since this pic, thank heavens.

We were so glad to have Ian with us for a few days and sad to see him go back north.

A group of cool young men.

These little people never leave him alone while he's here. Sorry, Ian.

This really has nothing to do with the above pics other than to show just how on the go I am...My stash of shoes...5 pairs of shoes...just on this side of the room. ahhhh.
Hi there!!

I was home almost the ENTIRE day yesterday except for when Mel, Moll and I left to head to Beck's. Mel stayed with the little ladies and Beck and I ran to Jill D's house to meet her beautiful new addition, to her already beautiful family...Halle! sweetest little baby girl on that adorable momma's hip. My heart is melting!

Anyways...We picked up Mel's bike from Gray Goat and came home. Dinner started (GASP!! dinner at home?? yep!!). Our lovely neighbor, Catrena, one of the dearest women around, came out to ride bikes with my kids and brought us cookies. Is that not a beautiful neighborhood scene?

A quiet evening at I took those for granted before!

Today, I get to be home almost this whole day too...hoping for a visit with my lovely, prego neighbor, Tashena (naptime, lady??) and then haircut for meself this evenin' as well as my grizzly bear eyebrows getting some taming! I can hardly WAIT!!

But right now, I'm out the door to ride bikes with Levi for a bit...before a shower and school...

Pray for my husband! I appreciate it...he has so much on his plate right now, all good things, but these good things are keeping him awake at night!

For posterity's sake and mine, when I come back here to recall the days, remember that you picked jogging back up today, thanks to some wise counsel from a runner girl...slow down, small steps. I was able to jog for ten minutes straight, two times. Couch to 5K has you running for 20 minutes straight on Day 3 of week 5, but that would be pushing it at this point. Tally HO!

be back later with some pix that Mel took of Molly.


Tesha said...

I am Saying a prayer for your husband...I know what that is like. Good for you I need to start running again also, I have not left the house much since Jonathan died. What a cool friend to do a since lesson for you, I so need to be more creative in science.

Laurie and company said...

thank you so much, Tesha! I've been doing the same for you and your family...I'm with you, it is hard to leave home because there are so many memories associated with this place or that...or because you see people you know and they expect you to be over it...or you see pregnant's a really difficult place to be and I will pray specifically for comfort.
As for science? yes! my friend is cool...I have to farm my kids out for that subject.
Hugs to you, beautiful woman!

Annette said...

There sure are some beautiful peeps on those pics!! And of course you know I am praying for your husband! Always! Love ya lady!

Anonymous said...

Running, makes me even more stressed to read that. But, I am glad that you are working out. It sounds like you are doing better at it than me. teeheehee...Hope that you had a nice ride with Levi.