Monday, March 12, 2012

chock full of Gulf Coast goodness...

Mom was having a moment of silence.

Grams and her kiddies

Getting ready for our dolphin cruise...yes, there are shadows on their faces but we got the pic, for posterity's sake.


Molly liked the mermaids.

This was our cap'n. He was bare-foot and reminded me, vaguely, of George Michael, when he was "hetero"

very. cool.

it didn't take long for the dolphins to find us.

very neat

unfortunately, my camera battery needed to be charged so I only got 30 pix, as opposed to the 130 I had planned to take.

loved these guys.

Hello Flipper

I kept thinking Molly was going to fall overboard. She didn't.
My shirtless wonders...on the parking garage roof. It looked warmer than it was.

I took tons of sand pix the night before we left. I could write in sand all. day. long.


My kids
more of my (sister's) kids

We visited the Beach pavilion the day before we left...'twas a very insanely cool place.

Umm, Where'd ya go?? I don't see them...

Hiding a cool whip container with a note and stuff for my friend, Holly, and her family, who will be in this area in a few days...Hope they can find our treasure.

My chilly peeps

So, HI.
I sit down here to blog and I get so overwhelmed because I have a lot to blog about.
But I wanted completion in the trip pix so I'm just about there.

We sprung forward Sat night and honestly, I feel old but I'm going to go to bed...I am so tired.

I do love that it's staying lighter later. ha ha.

Until next time, sorry for the boring blog post. You know I love you.


Facets of Life said...

Love the pics! Thank you for sharing! Such beautiful moments captured!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I am dying of the suspense...did Holly and her family find the treasure? That is such a cool idea! I love that we get to revisit the Gulf since the beach has got to be one of my favorite places on earth. Hope that ya'll are having a good week.


P.S. I got a wonderful treat from the postman when I got home from Spring Break! Yay for me.

Tashena said...

Glad to see more of your trip.
How I wish the beach was closer...but, would we really get to go more if it were? Hmmm......

You know I love you, too!


Tesha said...

Amazing photos of that dolphin... unbelievable. I love the gulf I grew up going there very different from southern CA. beaches.