Tuesday, March 6, 2012

oldies...mega oldies.

Sweet baby girl.

good big brother

not sure what my loved ones were doing here but I love it. 

I. Love. This.

These are the kinds of pix I should be taking of Jack right now. So, since I can't, I will pull up some oldies of Molly, and imagine that, if he were here, he obviously wouldn't be dressed in pink or have a bow in his hair (maybe) but his face would be as sweet as Molly Moo's used to be (and still is, mind you, but just a bit older.)

I am behind on my last two days of the 30 Day Photography challenge. My bad. I will try to get them up when I have a free minute. If. I ever have another free minute in my life.

I am in the midst of trying to get David ready for a biiig meeting out of town. We are sending up prayers that this will be the start of something amazing. Not that the past nearly 3 years haven't been amazing but you know what I mean. The fruits of his hard work pay off...allow him to rest more. (will he ever really rest more?? I don't think so)

There is much to blog about, but I am limited on my time.

~Mel & Tom got home safely from AL.
~David turns 41 on March 6th. Oh, that's TODAY. Happy Birthday, David...
~Spring is coming...the days are getting longer and this weekend, we will endure...err, enjoy Daylight Savings Time.

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Such bright beautiful eyes and sweet baby cheeks!!
:( wish you were sharing pix of sweet baby Jack like this too... I wonder if heaven has a photo album?! :)
I am praying for Dave's Biiig meeting! I know God has amazing things in store for your family!!


Anonymous said...

David... Sorry just reread my post and realized it auto corrected to Dave's not David's... Auto correct is so incorrect!

Tesha said...

Such a beautiful baby girl! I can imagine that all through my life I will think of our Jonathan and wonder what pictures we would be taking of him. Sweet post!