Friday, January 28, 2011


the tech wasn't able to get a good profile shot of the little guy...but this is a cool pic, for it's the top of his head, eye sockets and nose and on the top part of the pic, his whole arm is there, like he's trying to cover his ear and below, you see the side of his hand. It's a good thing he's learning to cover his ears now, right?

you don't have to be an ultrasound technician to decipher what is happening in this pic. This pic is a view of his bum, thigh bones, and privates, which, I might add, he was not being very protective of at this time. (good thing, cuz I needed to know what he was) I was floored but so happy to know and that all of his parts were accounted for and midwife said from the report, that I'm maybe a bit ahead of schedule and he's thriving very nicely. Whew! good to hear. Forget all those crazy dreams I'd been having, leading me to believe I was carrying a girl...David's the guesser guy...if you wanna know what you're having, just ask him! (he was a little creeped out that he'd guessed right for the 6th time)...We can't wait to meet the little wiggler. Molly calls him "Little" Jack the Bear (see the Danny DeVito movie from around 1993)


We saw HIM. In all his boyhood glory...the Mountain Dew that I drank beforehand really paid off (thanks for the tip, Tiara)...he kept rubbing his eyes and jerking about.

I will go to Target and hope to print some of the pix of baby boy Young...and while you're at it, start suggesting some names that go well with Will, Ethan, and Levi...needs to be strong, manly and short syllabled.

Happy Friday...I'm in shock. Four sons. wow. (I haven't forgotten my 2 daughters)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Wow! I am SO happy you were able to find out! :). What about Micah?(means: who is like Jehovah) Joel: Jehovah is God; Seth? I look forward to seeing all of the other ideas as well. :) ((hugs!))

Anonymous said...

HA! I knew it.
You must've been giving off that "Im carrying a boy" vibe, I guess. lol
I was planning to come by today, but we totally ran out of time =/
(it was my uncle's
Hopefully, I'll catch up with you next week before it snows me in!
BIG, huge congrats to you guys...gonna have to come up with a boy name now. ;)
have a great evening!
xo, nicole

Natalie said...

Gotta admit, I was totally thinking girl. But boys are pretty amazing... :)
A name is going to be HARD! I always liked Daniel, Mason, Carter and Kyle. I think those are cute and pretty short. I want to know what names you're thinking of!
I hope your tech snapped some good poses. :)