Tuesday, January 4, 2011

sweet babies...

I loved when she'd gnaw on my face. such a sweet baby girl.

awww, he was such a little doll!

Molly has always been "muscular". don't ya just wanna nibble on those fatty rolls?

Once she turned one, she became a little more temperamental. We see a lot of this these days but somehow, it's just NOT as cute.

I miss these little people. I know we will get to have ONE more in our house, and that's cool....but I can't help but wonder who it is, what s/he will be like. As far as I know, if my midwife will fill out an order for ultrasound, I will know one month from now. U/sound is scheduled for February 3rd. Most people say BOY...David says boy and he's always been spot on with his "guesses". Whoever this person is, I look forward to meeting them.

I am currently on an antibiotic for an infection under my crown. I could either have oral surgery and risk having to have it pulled anyways or just have it pulled and consider an implant or bridge. This kinda has me freaked out because I've never had to take an antibiotic while pregs. It's a little weird to me. Midwife says it's ok as long as I replenish good bacteria with Acidophilus.

On that note, I've exercised today, hung out with my sis and her girls, my kids, did some school, have more school to do, and I'm tired. blah.

Spring, you can come any time. (yes, I know, Winter just got here but He has worn out his welcome!)

Hope this finds you well and healthy on this 4th day of 2011. God bless you!


Tory said...

Cute, cute, cute! Makes me even more excited to see #6...yay #6!

Anonymous said...

How far along are you? When is your EDD? I am currently 28 weeks, and thinknig that March is coming way too slow and way too fast! :)


P.S. your babies' pictures are adorable! :)

Laurie and company said...

ooh, me too, Tory!
let's say that together #6...and try not to choke.

But my good friend, Shellee, is awaiting #9 so #6 is NOTHING to her! You go, girl!
I am only 16 weeks and I'm due on June 24th! Yahhhh! How are you feeling, Shellee?? thanks, chicklet. how are things on the other side of the globe?

Praying for you, as always and hope you are "comfortable".

Love ya both!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie! We are doing well in cold and snowy Hokkaido! Yesterday the boys went outside to play and the snow was as deep as my older ones waist! :) I am doing well, 29 weeks along (on THurs.) and have a Dr. appt. on the 12th (Our Josiah's 10th birthday) Hard to believe 10 years ago, we had a very scary time with our little guy arriving at 31 wks 5days (weighed 3 lbs. 15 oz.) and the next 62 days were filled with amazing miracles. :) Anyway, we are all sniffly at the moment, but well. Thanks for praying and for caring! :)