Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Icy Thursday to Ye.

This picture is helping me focus today. this was last July 4th...and I'm hoping all of our icy, icy snow leaves very soon. I miss green, blue, beautiful sunsets, sitting out on our porch, crickets, even citronella candles...

This picture is also helping me focus...why? I don't know...because she's funny and a cute little person to spend my days with.

Tuesday, we got lotsa ice...we even lost power for one hour. gasp! yes, one hour. and thankfully, we were asleep for most of it. Nothing sweeter than the sound of your power and furnace coming back on. it was such an eerie night...lights flickering, transformers blowing, blue skies, spooked children.

As we lay in our new bedroom, all 5 of our kids were above us in the boys' new room, singing praise songs and other little ditties. it was a sweet moment until a few minutes later, singing ceased, Ethan was talking non-stop (we could tell it was him because his voice is changing and it's becoming very deep annnnd, he never shuts up) and David yelled "Shut UP"....

How's that for a mood spoiler? as if the kids weren't freaked out anyways...I kindly told him that might have been a little scary for them, way to ruin the STORM OF 2011 ambience that was flowing around, ya know? He felt bad then (good boy) and asked me if he should tell them they could talk...No, it's done now, you ruined it. Way to go, Pa Ingalls. just go to sleep. :) it was a funny moment. It's also quite funny to us that I'm the melancholy one right now and he's the cheered up, c'mon, we can do it one, lately.

Ya know, I might have a slight case of the mid-winter blues still going on...I will say this though, as I sit here at my computer, the SUN IS SHINING and it's quite gorgeous, making all the ice on the trees sparkle like diamonds. it's a little gift from the Lord, to remind me to cherish this day hunkered down with my amazing kids...I think I can, I think I can....I think I will. and yes, I got all that from a sunrise.

I certainly hope that your Thursday is a grand one...


Tory said...

How cute is Molly TapeHead! I know there must be a story there. Sorry that your winter is so rough. Ours has been rough, but I won't go into would just want to kick me. ;)

So, just think of the garden and the swimming that will be coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Are you still in the midwinter blues? I think a trip to the cheesecake factory would help that, don't you? (I know it would help me, lol) How are you feeling my friend? I hope you are doing well. I hope to try to send a recent family pic (ok, if recent is Dec.) to you soon. :)

((hugs to you!))

Tory said...

Just want you to know that I am taking the Molly TapeHead picture with me to the dentist to keep me calm. It makes me smile. ;) Hope that you are doing well and are working your way out o' the funk.

wv: serpent (do i really need to say anything?)