Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Calendar #1

January 2011


March, obviously...


May 2011



August 2011...ok, so in August, Nora didn't get a month to herself, because her Dad also has a birthday the same mo. Sorry, Bean...I think next year's calendar for Beck will contain all of the hilarious self-styled pix of Nora's outfits. Keep 'em coming, Beck.

umm, September



December 2011...

Ok, Tory...this post is mostly JUST FOR YOU! I will have to get some pix of Mom's calendar still...but this is the one I made for Beckyboo.

I bought a great little 8 x 8 kit, which I would definitely recommend. You can totally improvise and use your own supplies but when you get into a time pinch, like I did, that kit was uber handy. (I'm a horrible procrastinator)

Wanna know what's going on here? I bet you do....

We are moving the 3 boys up to our room and taking their room. This will be interesting. I'm thinking now that I'm "moving" back down to the lower level it will either 1.) stay a little neater/cleaner, which would make David a happy, happy boy or 2.) get a little messier, which would make David an unhappy boy...

Our room is a bit bigger than the boys, and quite honestly, with 2 of the 3 being teenaged men, they need to spread out a bit. And heck, if everyone's predictions are correct, we need a bigger room for we will have four teenaged or little men in our home. which is a scary thought.

On that note, I'm outta here...taking my female children and heading to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at new tennis shoes...should be a good time.

now if I could keep my tongue outta the hole where my molar used to be...ick.


Tory said...

Oh, aren't you cute...you just thought that you would slip this past me, and that I wouldn't catch it since I had already stalked you today. I see how it is!

No, seriously, I am so honored that you posted those for me. I absolutely adore the calendar! And, if it were mine, I would just print out new month pages, and use this calendar for many, many years.

Moving? This should be interesting. You always have the most going on, and I am simply amazed at your stamina and ability to keep a positive outlook when all around you is in upheaval.

And, as if I hadn't thought about ya'll enough lately, I thought about your family on Sunday when I heard that the little girl in Arizona that got killed was named Christina Taylor.

Well, I have highjacked your blog and babbled. Good luck on the move...now, I will patiently wait for pix of masterpiece #2 and the identity of baby #6! Hugs, cuz.

Laurie and company said...

oooh, I would never ever do that intentionally. You are my favorite blog stalker...stalk away, cousin o' mine!!!
As for stamina? ha ha. that is in short supply lately. Maybe once spring shows up, I will start nesting or something. for now, little spurts. I haaaaate it!

I'm glad you liked the calendar. if I had lotsa pix of you and your fam, I'd make one for u. they are very fun to make, once I get past the procrastination...

How are you doing with school and such? thinking of you and hoping you are well, lovely.

Tory said...

School is going well, but with me not "taking" any classes this morning, I am having a time trying to get my research jump started. I am such a slacker. That is why I stalk you, it motivates me. Other than that, nothing much...just the coldest winter that I reccall in NC. So, you're not the only one freezin'. I guess that's why some call it the freezin' season.

Have a good day, t

Smooches, Kara said...

I told you your house never stays the same!! ;) You and my Mom need to congregate and share plans :D I assume their will be a blog post on this interesting (to us) rearrange?

Laurie and company said...

when one is married to David, things don't stay the same for too long. it's a good thing he's kept ME after all these years. har har.
I will definitely post some pix...i should do some of my bed in the middle of the Hustle floor, huh?
I think it will all be good...and interesting.
hugs my blogging gals

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, I hope you are feeling better from your molar ordeal. :)

just thought I would pop on and say "Hi"


Tory said...

And, I thought that I would pop on over to check if there were any new posts...guess that funk is for real, huh? Can a girl get a post-birthday post? teeheehee...luv ya', cuz