Thursday, November 5, 2009

Next Stop: Colorado Springs

I think this is Pike's nose just started bleeding looking at this picture. I feel faint.


scrunch that nose...

so agile

pondering life on the red rox

I think Levi is playing in traffic in this picture...isn't this terrain just amazing?

har Wendy M. pointed out, Levi, you ARE the Gap out!

this kind of picture NEVER gets old.

Garden of the Gods is spectacular...

balancing rock

this sign warned of Bear and Mountain Lion activity in the area of the Garden of the Gods. Yikes!

More G of the G

this formation is lovingly referred to as the "Kissing Camels"

so cool

Hey Mom, take my "piture"

yes, this is the photo we will be using for our debut album...

almost missed this in the drive-by

Co Springs is bee-you-tee-ful!

Molly wanted to help us load up the trailer...such a good girl.

Facebookin', catching the tail end of "Babe"...before heading out yet again...

These were taken at the Hyatt Place hotel...we got a great deal on this suite...and if you are out on the road and happen upon one of these delights, stop in. We'll leave a light on for ya.

Good evenin' folks.

What's new in your world?

I am so behind in the for tonight, I will continue on the next leg of our westward adventure...friends in Colorado Springs was a draw for us...and once we saw just how beautiful it really is in that state, we saw why they'd want to live there (one of many reasons)...

So here ya go...just a smattering of some of the pix that were taken in Co Springs and not nearly enough of the J family...being up in that elevation did weird things to my head. I mean, weirder things than usual. no joke.

There are stories here and more pix...but I will save them for Facebook or for my next blogging session. remind me to tell you the Pike's Peak or Bust story...good mothering/fathering at it's BEST. or maybe at it's Peak....

I am plum-tuckered tonight but brimming with stories and tidbits that I'd like to share...

Good night...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie! Looks like you had a blast on your vacation!!! So cool! I have always wanted to go to Colorado. take care!