Monday, November 16, 2009

Semi-sweet big brother love

yes, she still uses a pacifier. I leapt past the window of time when I could've broken her from it...and here we are, well past 2...still loving and sucking on that paci! argh.

awww, now isn't that just the sweetest thing ya ever did see?

I thought so...

because, 92% of the time, Levi is pestering Molly to high heaven...

This was on our way from Co. Springs to New Mexico, where we stayed in Albuquerque for the night...this was before the Flagstaff visit but I had to post these pix for posterity.

Levi, you WILL take good care of your little sister.

I love to hear the little giggles and gales of laughter from these two hooligans. Tonight, Molly was tooting and they'd laugh right from those chubby bellies...made all the craziness of this day melt away.


velvet said...

reminds me of my boys...esp. the laughing at the tooting :)
and in almost all of sharkey's THIRD birthday pictures he had a paci in his mouth! i don't think we got rid of it till a few months after that.

Laurie and company said...

isn't it fun to listen in on the little ones' interactions?

Velvet, I am very relieved to hear that Sharkey had a paci for that long...I'm afraid that is where we will be too..and her teeth are a little "bucked", which is cute...and I had 'em too..and sheesh, look how I turned out...ha ha. that was a joke.