Monday, November 9, 2009

The rest of Co. Springs...also on 10/14/09

Watch out, Will, this guy looks like he wants to stick his big ol' tongue in your ear....ewww.

Giraffes have really long tongues. My favorite animal by far. This zoo has a bunch of 'em!

The wandering Peacock..

Orangutan's are so weird...I'm just not that excited about the Primates...they are just kinda strange.

This gorilla was not happy.

This orangutan wasn't either.

this is the guy who hears no evil...his see no and do no friends were missing.

ho hum, the life of a hippo. so boring.

The zoo's Komodo Dragon was a blob and rather lazy...unlike the one that visited our zoo in Indy...memba him? stalkin' around, wanting to eat us? yeah, this guy did no such thing.

we all voted and it was unanimous that we all wanted to take a dip in this hippo's water. ewww. yuck.

This is a crane. He was a noisy fella.

Levi and I got sick of waiting for everyone to finish in the hippo/fish/penguin/Komodo Dragon bldg, so we found a nifty bench and plopped down on it.

this peacock was quite cool. We ran into him a few times. He was just running loose, walking with people and stuff

these pix are just to show you how cool the view is from the J's living room window. Breathtaking, huh?

our adorable and gracious hosts. I got more pix, like of their kids and such, but they are in my phone. and I need to figure out how to retrieve. Maybe I'll go to Carrie's Facebook page and lift. Thanks guys...we had a great time in your was our fave!

We actually visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on the same day as Pike's Peak...but wanted to break it up, so as not to overwhelm myself.

It was a busily overwhelming yet strangely satisfying day! If you ever get a chance to visit Colorado Springs, you must! It is absolutely gorgeous there! Such a clean and unique city...

Ok, hope your Monday was more spectacular than you could've ever thought possible. I'm taking my sick bum and going to bed. Peace out.

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