Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flagstaff, you are beautiful!

the view of Flagstaff from our hotel patio...such a pretty, clean town....

look to the right...another view from the room...

Unsinkable Molly Y...she was in rare form at dinner. I sang her a song, tickled her arm and she fell swiftly to sleep in my arms. awww. how many more of those instances will I get with this kid? Having little kids with older kids makes one more thoughtful of the times that were missed with the olders. I still balk when I realize Will and Ethan aren't 1 and 2 anymore. sniff sniff.

My handsome brigade of Little Men.

Father and Daughter. awww.

I am so done with this stinkin' high chair AND this weird Target outfit, thankyouverymuch.

The Olive Garden Employees, breaking up after their rousing rendition of the Italian Version of Happy Birthday...

Good night, peach...stick that straw up your nose. O, wait, you already did that.

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velvet said...

i'm lovin' all the westward pictures! just keep going till you get to my house in huntington beach!! :)
ps - LOVE your haircut!!!