Friday, November 27, 2009

Huntington Beach CA

CHiPs...remember that show about the California Highway Patrol? We saw Ponch and John.


water was chilly but Levi loved the surf.

Molly always loves a good seagull chase...

SoCal has a lot of beaches (as if)...and we visited Huntington Beach (Hi Velvet...we didn't figure out till it was too late that that is where you are at....we were so bummed)

The Pacific Ocean is beautiful, powerful and kinda scary. We were glad to see it and we were glad to leave it. Scary with little people...that tide is a strong force and it was so awesome for the kids to get to see the Power of God in His oceans. Very salty. very salty indeed.

This was the last adventure of our Cali trip before heading out on October 23 for Indy. I love you, Palm Trees.

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velvet said...

hey, my home turf!! too bad we missed you guys - that would have been fun to get together. next time, right!! and yeah, it is pretty nerve-wracking when the little ones run full-speed into the oncoming waves! sharkey makes me sooo nervous sometimes :)