Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandest Canyon of 'em all...

Ohm! it does appear that E is meditating. I think we all were...except for Molly. We had to be extra cautious with her and Levi around...but when we found a minute here and there, we just sat in amazed wonder. O Lord my God, when I, in awesome wonder, consider all the works Your hands have made....

Molly, dangling over the edge. (we did this to scare my parents, who were literally afraid that we'd lose Moo over the side. as if)

these boys looked eager to take one of those infamous Canyon hikes. yikes.

this is for you, Gramma.

whatta backdrop.

1 - 2 - 3 toss....

no, he didn't even try to push me over the side. as if.

Levi even remembered to bring his goggles.

speechless. I'm not sure why we were leaning.

if you ever get a chance to go to the Grand Canyon, I would recommend you go. It is one of the most amazing natural wonders I've ever seen...you can't help but sing "How Great Thou Art".

Words cannot do it justice. so I'll shut up.


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