Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hollywood is skeery...

City of Angels

E's hands are almost as large as Clint's.

for a tip, you can have your pic taken with whatever character you see walking outside of the theatre...no shame. David was really excited about finding this Stormtrooper.

Apparently, the Roosevelt is haunted by Marilyn Monroe.

Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal (the guy in the black button down and jeans, by the easel), taping a segment from that evening's late night show. We didn't get to watch it because my slacker brother failed to get a converter box. and he's never home, so it works for him.

We ate at this open air thingy...and our view was the Jimmy Kimmel pic above. pretty cool. Charlie was NOT impressed.

When Marilyn isn't haunting at the Roosevelt, she's working it with Michael J. This guy was eerily similar.

And when the King of Pop isn't haunting with MM, he's getting coffee at this swanky little coffee shop in the uber expensive but super neat-o mall with US! (Levi's expression is like "Umm, thought this guy was dead")

the yellow vest on this fella was a wee bit teeny...

Char, you are a poser.

I was really hoping we'd see Tom and Katie. but alas, not on this trip.

There's that Chinese Theatre again...

I mean, it IS cool there....just so many people, and it's sooooo grubby. Money, apparently, can't cover grubby. or creepy. or weird. or odd.

Levi, looking on in complete awe!

Infamous Hollywood Boulevard...

ahhh, got it. didn't think I would, but when it appeared thru the trees, I swear little angels sang and the sun DID shine even just a bit brighter (than it already WAS, OMGosh, it was never cloudy there)

grid-lock...this is another of those "parts" ya don't see on TV.

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