Friday, November 20, 2009

Final Destination: California USA

we weren't allowed in but we could still get cool pix in front of this neat-o Chinese pavillion thingy.

Melanie has a hole in her lip, apparently. Charlie is amused!

Hanging with Ghandi

E and a cool Chinese dragon guarding this neat Pagoda

Palm trees are cool

touring the city of Riverside, CA...the Mission Hotel, which was a really old building...and so cool.

Uncle Andy tried the entire time we were there to get Molly to give him the time of day...she gave in the LAST day we were there.

Andy and his boys..

Palm trees and the people I love.

not sure why Dunc keeps making this face in the pix...I gather that he isn't fond of getting his pic taken.

I was in love with all the palm trees.

two big babies

Molly looks strangely psychotic in this picture...her big boy cousins really did like her.

If you can find a Starbucks, you can find home...and we did. many times. (thanks again to Juan for letting us use his GPS, which we affectionately named Kim)

We got in to Corona, CA on a Monday evening....We spent the next day recuperating because the trip from AZ to CA was challenging and the Mohave Desert was hot, windy and eerie. Andy took us in to Riverside the next night...and we enjoyed a walk thru the nearly abandoned downtown...

These are the pix from that evening...more to come later.

School is done for the day...Gotta go get ready to hit the outlet malls with Mom, Beck, Molly and Pipes. Woo hoo. Bring on the Christmas season. Have a splendid weekend!


Smooches, Kara said...

come to South Carolina we have Palmetto trees :D Little versions of Palm trees :D

velvet said...

feel like taking a quick trip to the beach?? you're not far from us!! :)