Monday, August 10, 2009

Is it August already?

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

So young, such love! Thank you for never being afraid to hold hands, or touch in public. Thank you for giving us a stable place to grow up. Thank you for calling Becky "Peanut" because you knew I was emotionally unstable and jealous of her. thanks. :)

We had a little impromptu anniversary celebration...and this was one of my favorite shots of the evening...Nora's face is priceless!

Forty years later...still smiling AND sitting next to each other. that means a lot. it really does. I love you guys something fierce.

And I've been a blog slacker (nuff outta you, Dad!) :)

August hits the ground running...August 4th was not only my mother in law's 61st birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom)...but my parents celebrated their 40th (yes, FORTIETH) wedding anniversary on the same day!




forty years.

and today, August 10th, is my brother in law's 36th. I will have to dig up a picture of I will be back. I've got lots of catching up to do!

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