Thursday, July 30, 2009

around the joint

Levi asked me to take this pic of him on his "castle". I have no idea what he's talking about but he sure is a cute one. this picture really depicts Deliverance, does it not? wood stack, pile o' bricks with weird things stacked on it and a huge pile of river rock in the middle of my so-called yard. can hear faint banjos playing. yehawww

makeshift pool deck protection, to the right....hard to see it here...but the green garden fencing has helped to calm this weary momma's heart....from a very precocious Molly venturing out into the depths of the pool....the white gate will stay and eventually the pool will be encased in white rail goodness. next year. Vince and Kevin did an EXCELLENT job around the pool area...thanks guys!

My zinnias are hiding my lavender and marigolds....but they are gorgeous! check out my newly but not finished white painted rail...consider that my white picket fence.

we can't wait to make fresh salsa with these bad boys...and there are a bunch! Thanks to my dad, for his ingenious tie up method....who else has 8 ft. tomato plants?

work in progress....our big "baby"

thought I'd take a few pix of the place Tory my tomater plants, show you the progress from the summer work....far from done but to a nice place where kids are safe from drowning and it's a bit more presentable....mostly. And let you see how cute Levi is (that's for you, Grandpa).

I've really enjoyed the hummingbirds this year....Lawn Boy Vinny put our feeder above the tomatoes and the view is great from the porch or the big winder....those little birds amaze me every time...

so, while the Tyvek is still showing and we have garden mesh around the deck till we can afford the railing of our dreams, the place is home sweet home cozy and I find myself really enjoying it here in the lazy days of summer. All my zinnias, coneflowers, coreposis, impatiens, dead hanging baskets, etc. make my heart swell. I dread winter in moments like this. and all those fall leaves....ahhhh. I will bask.

Hope you have a fantastic Thursday. I'm heading to the YMCA!


Tory said...

Nice castle and tomato plants! Thanks for the awesome pictures and sharing of your summer. Hopefully, you will have some lovely salsa soon. Also, liked hearing about the new gecko, but he is kind of creepy looking. He doesn't look much like that Geico Gecko, but I guess that he could grow on me. Do all the kids like the lizards? Oh well, they are cheaper than a dog and much more manageable. By the way, have a good week!

VELVET said...

your place is looking great! sorry i never comment on your blog anymore - for awhile our computer was messed up and wouldn't let get to your blog, for some reason. but we kicked it's butt and now it works for us again :)
hope you guys are doing well!! miss you, pretty lady! :)