Sunday, August 16, 2009

lots but not much.

Daveyboy, nowadays....Mr. Stone Floor guy. Even though I'm grumpy a lot lately (don't know what's wrong with me), I'm so very honored to be a part of your life. You surprise me daily.

In getting David signed up for his TWENTY year reunion (from a high school that he and Matt didn't technically graduate from but are honorary members. They were homeschooled), I uploaded these oldies to the D-ville HS reunion site so people could see David from back "then" and now...I think he's just really goofily adorable...This picture above reminds me more of what he looked like when I first laid eyes on him! And this picture below? "And I ran, I ran so far away" very "Flock of Seagulls" Mr. Skinny Tie. Daveyboy, I think you are so handsome!

Mr. Scowly Scowlerson....he was having visions of chunks of that stuff he had just tossed. I think he's really cute when he's sick. it finally gets kinda quiet 'round these parts.

funny picture...Molly kept comforting the sick guy, with pudding on her face. Levi's eyes crack me up....He had just tossed his cookies here...not a lovely Friday afternoon delight.


As you know, Courtney's last day was this past Thursday. it still doesn't seem right. Just wanted to make sure no one had forgotten. sniff sniff.

Lots of truly exciting things have transpired over the past 2.5 days. Yes indeed.

Friday was a low key kinda day. Levi came down with a little "bug"....

Took the boys to their youth group activity, with Mel and Molls. The three of us ran into Target after the drop. In the check out line, Molly got whiny and clingy. I took her from Mel, cuddled her, while waiting to check out....and oops, she hurled allllllll over ME, herself, the floor. Nice. potent. OMGosh, is this really happening to me? yeah.

Whilst running to the bathroom, which thankfully was just a hop, skip, and a jump from pukeville, I yelled for someone to clean up on aisle, funny even in a stressful sitch. ha ha. all the while, she is NOT DONE...she's vomiting all. over. me. poor little thing.

Noodles in the hair, hers and mine, in the crease of my elbow, down my arm, on my wrist, down my front, in her shoes....I got her semi-cleaned, sent her out to the car with Mel...the ladies in front of me and in back of me were so gracious...both mom's and both felt my pain. That was helpful.

the cashier? yeah, a young girl...and I can assure you, we were an excellent form of birth control for her that day. She handled it well but the look of horror in her eyes was priceless. so wish I'd had my camera...but it would've gotten .... pukey.

Ok, sorry for the puke's all just the fun in my every day life.

So glad my kids seem to be feeling better. though they are telling me from downstairs that Ethan isn't feeling so hot. he's on his own.

I truly hope that this finds you well...I hope to have some better posts for u this week. Sorry for the dryspell.

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Tory said...

Wow, you are a better woman than me. I would have passed out, hit my head, and died right on the spot. Seriously, I cannot handle the gross things in life. But, I am thankful that you can, and you can even "laugh" about it and share it with blogland! So hope that everyone gets better soon, and that you are having a much better week. Hugs, t