Monday, August 10, 2009

Painting the town....

check out the reflection of the restaurant on the window...

the 20th floor of the Hyatt...if you look very carefully, you can see my foot with my very blue toenails. Tammy picked that observant is she.

at the close of the evening, I laughed and threw my head hair landed in the candle...not until I smelled it did I realize what had smelled awful.

Indiana Capitol bldg.

the blue light way up high is the Eagle's was a tad windy..

Tambo, outside of one of Indy's most incredible buildings....The Indiana Repertory's amazing! you can see two little lovebirds snuggling out front!

Thanks to David having #1-4 at the Y. Reunion in Illinois (sweating their guts out, no doubt) and my parents keeping Molly for me (pulling their hair out, no doubt), I was able to enjoy a nice later evening out with my good friend, Tammy.

It was her idea to get some dessert at the Eagle's Nest...a neat, moving (I will have to find the statistics on that place, like how fast it moves and just how eerie it is that it does so) restaurant that sits precariously perched above Indianapolis, at the tippy top of the Hyatt Regency hotel. which is funny to me, since David worked at the Hyatt back in 1997-1998..never went there back then....what makes me think I'm so much "classier" now? nothing.

The chick playing the piano, the sights, the fellowship, being so high up...all amazing factors that made the evening pure delight.

I had a wonderful time, Tambo. Maybe next time, we can get Beck to come along!

I am very thankful for the friendship that we have! God has blessed me with an amazing friend.

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Tory said...

Nice updates, and pictures! BTW, you will probably find it out before you read this, but just in case...I deleted my blog. Got tired of it, and since my life and pix are nowhere near as cool as yours, I decided to cease and desist. I must admit that you are truly a hero for being able to keep up with everything that you do. Sure hope that you are well, and are beginning to enjoy your tomatoes. Mom and dad send their love. Hugs, cuz!