Friday, August 28, 2009

Holland Part Uno

Heading down to Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan...

The waves were big and crashy...lots and lots of fun!!

I love little footy prints in the sand. and little baby buns sticking out of swim suits.

Tom got gobs more pix than I hopefully I will get some on here soon...once he facebooks them.

amazing waves.

The sailboats out past the swim area were so neat...

E and Will...surfer wannabes.

crash boom

This is for you, Nora... we couldn't get Happy Birthday with your name...but just so ya know, we were thinking of you on your actual birthday! hugs!

Little did we know, this would be the only good beach weather. Some years you win, other years you don't. We won in other ways this year....sand is over-rated though. we will be cleaning it out of things for the next month.


I will be back tomorrow with more pix....until then, peace out.

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