Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two year old pix...

Hello Sybil

Molly and Nora - BFF's 4ever

doing some jumping jax

fruit snack addict

sweetness...for the moment

Beck convinced me to take Molly to Picture People, finally. The last time I went there was for Ethan's fifth birthday...and I will now have to dig that pic out because it's one of my favorite Ethan pictures. EVER.

It was not an easy event to deal with these two little peanuts at the mall...but the results speak for themselves. I will have to get Nora's scanned in...or you can go to my Facebook page and it may be there...right Becky?

Ok, out the door for Nora's 2 year old party! woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

Laurie - she's absolutely beautiful! the pics of Nora & her are too precious! I love picture people!


Tory said...

Muy precious! Love the sweet innocent faces.

Hugs, cuz,


Laurie and company said...

thanks, Shellee!! the pix definitely make these 2 yr old "monsters" look cute! Nora is def. more low key than Molly...

thanks for stopping by girls!

Love you both!

Laurie and company said...

Molly looks so inocent there! they are so cute together nora is such a calm little girl compared to molly! lol
melanie <3