Monday, August 31, 2009

necklaces and too much time on my hands apparently.

my new dog, I mean, lovely necklace commemorating nearly 16 years of wedded bliss...that is no small feat. I took these pix while waiting for David to finish up some work calls and business last night.

Here we are, sitting in the Lowe's parking lot after dropping Will off at Phos/Ontos (youth group) and before COFFEE...I love that we've been able to really have some nice grown up time, thanks to the olders helping out with the youngers. Will, Ethan, Melanie, your Dad and I appreciate your willingness to watch and help so we can have some datey time. I don't think I ever thought we'd get to this point but here we are!


Can I just say that I love how David smooshes up his face like that? That's how you know he's really working. Ain't no slacking going on there! He leaves that to ME!


Ok, time to get this show on the's to a productive, organized, healthy week!

Praying for David's big Lilly meeting this morning.

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