Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holland Part II

Tammy and fammy, this is for you...we missed you this year!

it'd be fun to rent one of these private lakehouses for a span of's so beautiful on Lake Michigan! almost as cool as being on the ocean.

yes, these are sadly out of order. this is the walk back.

don't go down there.


Levi and I liked the spooky little windows. Love the jazz hands.

checking out Big Red. It was really a cool structure...and very red.

ahh haa, you don't say.

a little history for ye

a great little 10 minute walk to the local lighthouse...

It's always time for a sword fight...

We stole away to take some pix of the little ones while the big ones were honing their sword fighting skills.

sword fighting AND big doesn't get much better.

I love my yiddle tids.

Mel & Mol enjoying the gorgeous zinnias in and around downtown Holland...beautiful flowers and plants!!

this and the next few are from our 2nd annual visit to a cool, quaint little local coffee shop...JP's...tried to buy a mug yet again, but alas, they had none. But I did get this groovy souvy. (Molly hopped up on caffeine)

My little coffee man.

waiting patiently for whatever goodies their Dad decided to get for them.


Here are the rest of my pix...My camera batteries died after the beach (when I fell chasing a raft...and the ol' Canon flipped outta my pocket) once again, I didn't get any pix at the pool, which is a really cool pool...but maybe I can lift some of Tom's pix...he takes lots and they are always so good.

So glad that our trip is over (it was so good to see what we will need to do for the trek in October)...this week, we begin new English, David has big meetings (@ Lilly's) and we begin planning our great adventure out west....we are looking into renting/purchasing a small travel we can camp/tent/hotel and spread out a if you have one that you'd be willing to rent out or know of someone trying to sell/rent one, let me know....

That's it...hope you had a restful weekend. Be back later, taters.

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