Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Backtracking big time....Pipes, forgivest thou me.

Hangin' with 6.5' tall Phil...you know u love him! (he IS the nicest guy around)

yeah, we got you that neat-o Polly Pocket...we're cool like that.


I'm hanging my head in somewhat shame. I had intended to blog for Piper's FIFTH birthday, but didn't. or if I did, it's obviously not memorable because I've forgotten. (dang that early onset Alzheimer's. it's eating me alive)

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIPER POO! Hope you know how funny we think you are, cute as a button you are, and just how much we love you!

(I mean, we obviously didn't forget about you, we WERE at your Princess Bowling party, after all).

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