Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hide your camera from...Levi.

a little close and over exposed, Levi...but you'll learn.

I'm sure he was just lounging around on the floor here...what a view! Mel fixin' her 'do, and David scratching his belly. hmmm. how do I delete these again?

good pic of Molly, Levi. love those baby blues.

Not a bad shot, either, Mr. Photog. You are one artsy fella!

He really enjoys taking pix of the island.

I've got a few things I could blog about but nothing is more fun than uploading pix and discovering that your rascal-y kids (Levi, to be exact) have snapped a few shots.

I really do appreciate it because, with all the busyness of life around here lately, I have not had the time or desire to take pix or to blog.

That stinks. I pray my load lightens soon so I'm able to update this more frequently.

All in all, though, things are quite excellent here...and "things" are moving full steam ahead on the business that is great! David's meeting in MD went as well as could be expected, if not better! So Praise the Lord for this! he's on his way home even as I type.

That's all she wrote. night.

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