Thursday, June 11, 2009


Fellow bloggin' buddy, Heather, fellow soon to be bloggin' buddy, Becky, and the Methodist Parking Garage...after some delicious girl time! Heather, Beck, you girls ROCK! so glad to have you both in my life! Heather, you are a rare breed...genuinely nice. Let's do this again sooooon!

This was a fun thing to stumble on. Molly loves to climb up to the computer. She is ALLLLL over the place, quite literally. And while I love it, it does get a little old about 3 minutes after she gets up in the morning.

This permanent red marker that she scribbled all over my desk, did come off...but it was awfully close to the keyboard and I just don't like that.

she is starting to talk in full sentences..."Levi hit me"..."I want water"..."Look! rain"...she is growing up right before my eyes.


Heather said...

Oh, shucks! You're just too nice! Thanks for the shout out.
You gals need to teach me how to pose for pictures. I haven't learned that.
Oh Molly...wasn't it just yesterday that you all were going mock-10 down 65 while Molly was preparing to make her entrance into this world? She is a pistol, that one! I love how Will is looking at her in that bottom picture...would love to know what he was thinking.

Laurie and company said...

I think Will is honestly despising her here...of all the oldest kids, he is the one that gets aggravated with her most often.....she messes up his perfect world. har har.

I think you posed just perfectly in this pic, Heather! You are lovely!

Have a great weekend, chicklet!