Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eyebrow shavings, picnics with cute chix and eloquence with Vince..

This cute chick in the red shirt is Courtney...she comes to our house on Tuesdays and Thursdays right now (till she, sniff sniff, leaves for college in the fall)....She is most excellent with the kids and we are grateful for her amazing child caring abilities.She had a picnic with Mel and Levi yesterday while Molly napped.

This is Vince, waxing eloquently to my enthralled teenaged young men...he is doing some amazing work around the place....Thanks Vince. You are one cool cat.

These two pix are of our eyebrowless one...Levi took it upon himself to use my razor to shear off his brow....I knew it would happen eventually....and he did such a nice job. Levi, you are so cute, even with 1.5 eyebrows. I mean it! You are one handsome dude. (can you say Vanilla Ice?)

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Brittany said...

Loved this post! Your Levi is one silly dude!