Monday, June 15, 2009

Past few days...and some out.

yes. this is out of order. again. I still don't know how to move pix around on this But this is my big brother, Tom. One of the world's best Uncles!

Yes, I know, Molly's little cheeks are showing. This crax me up (get it??)...she puts on the weirdest clothing pieces (here we have some odds 'n' ends pj's and a bathing suit) and I love that her little buns show. hee hee. cute girl.

Will's checking Levi's ear. Molly's on the tips. Mel and E are just such posers.

I think I have the squarest jaw since Jay Leno.

awww, this makes for a neat-0 Father's Day idea in my head....I just know David wants another scrapbook page in a frame for his Dad day celebration. I love my brood.

I'm really diggin' my post titles lately. so very....interesting.

Have you ever just felt so aggravated that you want to spit? I know that is wrong...I have no real reason to be that way. But so many situations around me make me feel a little outta control. Husband working from home, which really is quite neat and stuff. but.... yeah.

Kids bickering, friends wiggin' out, hot weather, bugs, etc etc, so on and so forth. All in all, I am blessed. I know this. I don't take that lightly. and I thank the Lord for the trials and tests He takes me thru. I know He is refining me. and there's a lot of work. I'm loyal but I'm non-confrontational. I'm friendly but I talk too much (God has really been dealing with me on this in the past year), I'm fun but I take things too far. I love the Lord but I let Him down all the time. Why am I saying all of this?

I don't know. my caffeine must be wearing off. the endorphins from my 6:30 workout have left the building.

I have lost a few friends in the past few months and it sucks. For whatever reasons, it's not fun or cool. I know and have faith that God is using this as part of a bigger plan for me. Not to say it doesn't hurt, because it does...a lot. but I will rest in the shelter of His wings. (no, He's not a bird but I like to think of my Redeemer as that bird at the end of Lord of the Rings, that rescues Sam and Frodo from Mordor, as it's melting). And I will praise Him for the people that are still actively in my life...I have an awesome, ambitious, amazingly UH-MAZINGLY talented, gracious, forgiving, loving husband, FIVE of the best kids on the planet, a great house, an awesome sister and her cool family, two cool brothers, nieces and nephews, an incredible set of parents that are still married after almost FORTY YEARS (whoa nelly, that's a long time)...and a group of friends that I learn from daily!

Why am I blogging all of this? for a few undisclosed reasons...but just because I can.

Hope this finds you and yours enjoying the sorta sunny, sorta warmish days of the Summer of 2009!

These thoughts really have nothing to do with the pix I posted, other than to just remind myself of the richness of life, when I feel like I'm down deep in the trenches. That's all. that's all.


Anonymous said...

praying for you from afar, friend. :)


Anonymous said...

I know you are not going to believe this --- but it is not summer YET! Hope that helps you a little bit. Love, Linda

Laurie and company said...

Thanks Shellee! I really do appreciate your prayers! How are you, my friend from far away? You are in our prayers also!

Linda - That does make me feel a bit better...but from this angle, it feels like a looooong summer ahead! How are you?

Tory said...

Must say that I love the pic of Mollie's attempts at creating her own style. Are you certain that Levi didn't put her up to that? I realize that I have just been terrible about commenting, but I have really been taking this break from the computer seriously. Just ask mom, I have been separated from the computer at least 5 days in the past two months. And, even if I am on it, it is just to monitor personals and bills. I must say that I have been reading your blogs...just haven't taken the time to say hello.

Hope you are well, and enjoying the pool. All is good here. Hugs, t