Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hello June. Goodbye Green Van

Will is the family garden keeper this year....Look how loverly the tomatey plants are growing!

Mel? When did you get so grown up?? 11 going on 22? sheesh!

We have a lot of warm memories associated with this little green cat. When we got it in March of 2006, my big kids were a lot smaller. That was fine then. But now, long limbs and bigger bodies stuffed inside like sardines just wasn't working for us anymore. (Molly is behind Will on her infamous seat)

This pic is rather significant for a few reasons. 1.)  Molly has no pants on. She has this new "habit" of taking off her clothing upon first awakening. Cute but annoying. and 2.)  Molly was practically born in this seat...and exactly 23 months prior to this June 9th day, I sat in this seat very similarly...though I did have pants on. till my water broke and...well, for THAT story, see July 9th of 2007. 

Hug it good kids....you won't see Green Bean around here anymore...awwww. it was kinda sad.

It's June and I'm only just now doing my first post.

Melanie has been 11 for almost 10 days now.

Needless to really say, it's been really busy around here. I sound like a broken record.

Lots has happened and I'm having a hard time getting my pix uploaded on here.  After a bit of digging around, I can usually figure out how to blog on this here Mac computer. All the little ins and outs on this can throw me for a loop.....

I'll be back...I have more pix....and prayer requests.

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