Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's not forget Mel's birthday party.

Molly....yes, these pix of our littlest girls are obviously out of order...but again, I don't know how to rearrange pix on blogger with the Mac. help? any hints? and besides, with Molly's second birthday coming in less than one month and Nora's at August's end, they are just practicing for all of their birthday paparazzi.

Check out Piper's little face...she is blowing out the candles in her mind. cute girls!

Mel, I just want you to remember how agile your dad is, years from now. and what fine legs he has. David, you are funny.

I have NOT forgotten, Mel.

Though it would seem that I have.

Mel's birthday actually fell on a Sunday this year...a perfect day to celebrate a near-perfect gal! And what a charming young lady she is.

We had a cook out, and since we have no grill (Foreman grill doesn't count), Scott was gracious enough to bring his big ol' honkin' grill down to our house to cook out the dogs and burgs. Then the kids wanted to swim, so we did that for a time.

Time for presents....lots of cool things. clothing, Target money (she ended up buying a few little things and an iPod shuffle), Wii games...

Then cake and fun. ok well definitely cake...Good family friends Vince and Janice dropped by for the gifting and cake. Nice to see you guys!

Hope your birthday was fun Mel...and I hope you know that your dad and I, as well as the rest of our family, love you so much and think you are one cool, sweet, good natured girl! We thank the Lord for you.

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