Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and pix from the past few days...

This was David's Father's Day gift...he slept for 15 minutes. not without interruption though.

Beck gave the wormy girls a bath...

Nora bean...


Nora and Molly were almost unstoppable. Confirmed: this age is for the birds. I am most grateful for M and N's health, cuteness, agility though. don't get me wrong. Molly just wears me right out right now.

little piggies at the pool...

she just LOOKS sassy in this picture. and she is.

The younger sister that Ethan doesn't pester too much.

Molly might be an ivory tickler like her big sister, grandma, and great grandma. that'd be nice!

Hey Mel....slow down on the growing up, K?

Where did these dashing young men come from? E., maybe you will get your growth spurt soon and be as tall as Will! no pressure though. Will, you are definitely your dad's son. Ethan, you are like a mood ring...sometimes you really resemble a Y and sometimes you look like my brother Andy.

Will's a good sport.

You are such a cutie, Levi! Your little round cheekers kill me!


Well, good evening to you!

I wish I'd been better about blogging over the past few days/weeks. I'm going to want to remember all of the good, weird, bad, not so fun, really fun things we've been involved in. Then again, I probably wouldn't want to put some of it on here. scare you right away.

So, all that to say, even though things are extremely busy, crazy, hectic, life is good, God continues to give us breath and blessings.

Some things I want to remember (not necessarily because they were fun but they are our history):

1.) The sheer craziness and small details that go along with not only starting your own company, but patent company as well...David has handled ALL of this like a champ.
2.) The way God has given certain people for certain times in your encourage, to help out, cheer ya on, etc.
3.) The bickering and whining that my kids are subjecting me to. I know what to do to cure it...but sometimes it just seems so wrong to spank a kid that happens to stand one head taller than you. The dynamics between W, E, and M, and even some Levi makes me one crazy lady.
4.) Molly and the sheer determination that drives her. She is so cute. She is sooo smart. She drives me so crazy. She is definitely a whirling dervish. A little bit defiant but that's normal for this age.
5.) The neat ways that the Lord opens doors. I may edit this later....too fried right now to think of them, but in my subconscious, I KNOW that there is a list of these....

My parents, Tom, Beck, Scott and their girls came down for some KFC tonight...Dad got some money, and Blossom Dearie CD's....David got his scrapbook page in a frame, which I think is more for me but hey? He also got a cool Starbucks mug from Mel.

We are putting the kids to bed right now and we may actually (**gasp** wha???) sit and visit. If he's not on the phone these days, he's going over this list or that, typing up this email or I need to enjoy this quiet time. so I'll be back later.

Hope your Father's Day was magnificent...I'm so blessed to have my Dad, David's Dad, David, and other amazing dads around us!

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