Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to Deliverance! j/k I love it here!

the little old roof will be changed but not sure when that takes place. ground will have to be excavated to the staircase...not sure about that either. It's all in Davey boy's head.

the swimming hole

the view from swimming hole. the brown posts will be covered with cedar and painted white, and we will have white rails. not sure when this will take place either.

everything is green finally! our lawn leaves much to be desired but we figure we have time for all that pruning and prissing when we're older. maybe. I'm all for a rock lawn!

not sure why I put this picture on.

You can almost hear the faint sound of banjo's playing Dixie in the background 'round here!

But really...we'll give 'em some class. if it kills us.

ha ha. if you know us, you are laughing especially hard.

Certain people in my life (you know who you are and I love you), that seem to have forgotten where I live, wanted to see the updated photos of our porch-a-licious project...hope these different views of ol' blue capture what we're doing. I'm still guessing myself. David changes his mind frequently. Glad he hasn't taken the same approach with wives.

We are trying to get the ground around the pool nice 'n' sturdy, so as to prevent ground erosion blah blah blah...but it's really pretty...and we are also trying to figure out a way to rig up a place to get in and out of the pool for the summer because apparently we aren't going to have the actual pool deck done for some time. This stuff takes more time in real life than it does in my mind.

Ok, so I've posted 3 times today! wow!

I'll hafta get a pic of Molly's first band-aid...she's stuck on 'em...Levi nicely and bloodily slammed her sweet little hand in my dressing table drawer today...and ripped her skin almost off of her middle finger...so she has a dangling piece of sweet baby flesh and a nifty boo-boo that I'm trying to keep covered...but she has gotten off 3 bandages already. She looks at it and it's so funny...she really examines this foreign thing on her finger...holds it up in the air as if admiring it. kinda cute.

in other news, I'm sure you saw the news that Indiana's primaries were today...Hilary took this state. Darn it! In more exciting news, I'm reorganizing our storage room/garage (we have no garage yet so this particular room, right off of our kitchen, acts as our garage)...so when I get THAT done, I will be sure to enlighten you with the joy and lightened load. I am in a pitching mood....YEHAA! watch out kids!

Off to la-la land...peace out, folks!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, i know who i am...Thanks for posting the pics. I can't wait to see Moo's boo boo. Poor thing! Have a good day!xoxo B

Charmaine said...

Oh my -- I emerge from my 2-day migraine to find that you have been one busy poster!! I love all the pics. And thanks for your prayers and the complements on Ryan's mowing,send via girly girl... You can finally stop praying about the business insurance issue -- finally resolved this week!!! Yay!

Miss you, C

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that you've had your computer running all day and we don't have a new post yet. What am i going to do with you??? xoxo

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Wahh!! Cyber space ate my comment :-(

Love the porch. Can't wait to see it in person (hint).

Kiss Molly's boo-boo for me. K?