Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blessed Family Gatherings...

Good evening friends in blogland!! a quick weekend update for ye!

My big guys stopped chucking their water bombs long enough for me to get a group shot! Thanks fellas!

Molly loved said water bombs! They kept her really happy in the hotel room! (speak this next sentence in a Scottish accent)...lookit the size of that great heed...it's like Sputnik. (It does look rather plastic-y does it not?)

this boy is funny...he hung out in the hot tub most of the time!

enjoying my half caff Americano. I did take photos of the kids and their drinks but will have to upload those at a later date!

Watching the trains coming down the pike...woo hoo! chugga chugga

Hanging out over the Wabash...ooops, almost lost ya there Jeff...

David and I credit this dude for teaching our kids all the crazy, daredevily things they do...like climbing rock buildings, jumping off of stuff, hanging over bridges like they are falling in, etc...Thanks Jeff! ya daredevil you...

proof that I was there...my feet above speeding train

as always, I make such lovely faces for the cam...D. you look good, fella!

Levi and Pa

Posers posing for the Poser Queen (B)...see below please (and I have so many more where these came from)

I was trying to take one of "those" shots that all the scrapbookers get...ya know, the ones where you get your loved ones walking away, a shot from behind perse, and lo and behold, I get this...which just happens to be one of my new favorites...her hand is even spread out behind her. I mean, what agility? she is gifted...

The "vacationing" crew, minus my dad and momma, Beck and I...and even Tom skipped out on this one as well...stinker!! he actually managed to sneak out of most of my pix...and I think it's because he is busy taking so many pictures of his own. My dad's aunt, Mimi, (my great aunt) was like that...always snapping pix of us as youngsters. So that is my new nickname for you, Tom..."Tomimi"

Piper, Princess Poser

Mel (aka "Kate", which just happens to be her middle name, and she informed us on the way up to Lafayette that she would like to be referred to as this now...)

Guess who likes pasta salad? dang it....there was a really cute shot of her licking the bowl...he was NOT feeding her fast enough!

I attempted to put these pix in order but alas, they are not!

Hi. How are ya?

I hope and pray that all is well with you! Lots of weird things are happening lately....scary things that make me so glad that I rest in the Lord...I won't name any of them because this is supposed to be a cheery, family post..so maybe another time! when I'm all melancholy and such...:)

these pix are from our very nice, very relaxing Sunday evening get together in Lafayette, Indiana. The Hilton Garden Inn is so lovely!! Whatta nice get away for all of us! (see May of last year). We ate at Panera after a nice walk thru downtown Lafayette...then hung out at Borders for a bit before everyone except for Dad, Beck, Pipes, Nora, Mollsy and I went to see Indiana Jones. B. and I tended to our young girls and visited some blogs on her laptop (lovin', LOVIN' hi-speed, ya know??) nice to be able to watch little video clips on blogs I visit that I don't get to see on my backwoods contraption...though I am very thankful for the backwoods contraption that I have!!

Sorry Momma, for not making sure you were properly represented in any of these pictures! That is just NOT right!

I don't have too much to say...we worked our bums off on our outside project this very day...so I'm exhausted to say the least! (I made 4 trips to Menards or Lowe's) Let the above pictures speak for themselves. There are so many more where these come from, but it's taken my computer all evening to upload the few that are here...so maybe I will get some more on tomorrow and also bless you with a few pix of our progress out of doors! I know, calm down, chomp at that bit, comment to me just how much you are dyyyyyyyyyying to see our progress. C'mon, I know. :) you will be amazed though. amazed at what these country bumpkins (well, I'm not a country bumpkin...but all of my kids are) can accomplish.

Good night folksies! God Bless you and thank you for visiting my bloggishness.


Anonymous said...

We had such a good time! Thanks for letting us tag along. There are so many pics from our walk, but i think you represented pretty well!!! I can't believe that you posted the pic of me jumping in front of the camera. NICE> you can even see my face skin jumping...fatso. xoxo! Have fun with your yard work! I can't wait to see the finished (Or close to finished) product!

Heather said...

Those pictures are great! I laughed out loud. Your sweet family is a trip...all of "ye"...every single one!