Monday, May 5, 2008

hither and 'yon

My Young man...he is changing so fast!! ahhh...slow down...

havin' a good time with her big bro! Levi is so good with Molly!

deep thoughts

Look who's standing up in her crib now! No rest for the weary! If I give her toys so she can play while I keep sleeping, she throws them all out onto the floor. squeals of joy quickly turn to fret and despair.

pleased with herself!

sockin' it to E.

L to R: Molly, Jeff (white), Seth (green), Ann and Don A (cool fellow soccer parentals), Chris M (not facing the cam), David down in front in extra bright yellow shirt!

It really is too difficult to take good pictures of the kids in soccer action. I am working on getting a new camera again this week. I took back my nifty one...because it wasn't rechargeable...and it took such good pictures. so the hunt is on for a good little Kodak that takes amazing shots.

Levi and Steph staying warm!! such cute li'l friends!

Ethan's such a poser! love that boy!

Crabby Baby!!

Happy to be with momma Baby, Miss Nora! Beck and the girls came to Levi's "game" tonight...Nora's a happy girl, esp. when she is with her momma! (once again, I failed to get any pix of Piper. she was such a cute little Levi cheerleader too!! Thanks for coming, girls!)

Davey boy!! hard working man!
Melanie's only appearance on the blog today...and she looks like Ethan!

have you missed me?

that's ok.

I'm still here. just busy. crazy busy. longing for some days of solitude& and slow pace.

and on top of THAT, I will be without my computer for a few days. And that's a good thing. going to get it cleaned up, get some new memory added...and look into getting some high speed something or other but just how to go about THAT, not sure. any computer "geeks" that can help me narrow down my problem, bring IT ON! I am the very first person to admit that I am illiterate in the computer dept!

These pictures are just a smattering of the weekend shots that we took. The kids had their soccer games on Sat. and while Levi and Melanie's were sunny and semi-warm, by the time the big boys' games rolled around at 3 p.m., it was not only clouding over but extreeeeeeemely windy, which you don't have to be a meteorologist or rocket scientist to know that that is COLD! Yeah. at home, it was nice and basky sweatshirts for Levi or Mollsy...big mistake. One would think after 13.5 years of children during the spring in Indiana, I would know. No.

Levi is really not into soccer. I didn't think he would be...he will play with the kids here at the house, running, kicking and attempting to score a goal...but out on that field, w/ those little people, and under the spotlight, so to speak, he loses all interest. Tonight, he was watching his shadow again and while he did kick the ball a few times, he just stays behind the group, picking dandelions! By game's end, he has limp arms and hanging head! he CRACKS me right up!

the group shot of shivering peeps are the brave souls that sat through the 50 minute game. The boys' youth pastor, Seth, was so nice to show up and support E. and Will! Thanks for coming! Our good friend, Jeff, also braved the game, even after participating in the Mini-marathon that very morning (13K or so). Thank you, Jeff, for coming as well! Dad and Tom had come to the earlier morning games but I failed to get the pix...I know Tom (my camera crazy brother) got 80 pix or so though.

On Sunday, Mt. P (the church where we play soccer) had a really groovy appreciation picnic for all the folks that volunteer in their different ministries...we were invited due to D's involvement in sports was a loverly day, the food was good, with entertainment for adults and children alike and Molly even got a little sunburn on her baby soft cheeks. she looks good with a tan though. nice.

Um, other than that, not a whole heckuvalot going on...a slow news day. I've been a blue staining fool so I will try to get some updated shots of the blue porch up on here before my hiatus...I know you are dying to see that!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that this finds you and yours doing well, enjoying some beautiful springtime glory and praising the Lord for another day to breathe and enjoy the blessings in your life! God Bless you!

Good night!


Brittany said...

The pic of Molly and Levi is one of my favs! Soooo adorable!

becky said...

LOVE these pics! Thanks for the pic of Nora Bean. I love that she is actually looking at the camera. Molly is just the sweetest thing! She has so much personality!!! Can't imagine where she gets that!!! xoxo

Natalie said...

Levi is totally hilarious. Looking at his shadow and picking dandelions! Lol!