Sunday, May 18, 2008

Li'l Bits from the Weekend

Good evening!

I have so many nifty pix from our weekend that I want to post! I have the first five being uploaded as I type, but it's taking forever! so I will wax eloquence whilst I wait...(addendum: it's now late Monday morning and blogger still won't let me post pix so this one of Moll's legs will have to do for now!!)
Saturday's soccer games were riveting, as always! :) Levi, running, looking at the ground, rolling his shirt up in his hands, following the crowd. I will say this, David was able to see some of the game, so Levi did run a bit better knowing his dad was there, cheering him on! I didn't get to see much of Mel's game, since her game and Tiny's were at the same time. I didn't make it to the big boys game, as I was preparing for the very belated birthday party we were having for David and my brother, Tom...their birthdays were in early March...yeah, so we thought we'd better have their party! If my computer will ever upload the pix, you can see all the fun we had! and boy, was it a fun party! (I mean it...happy boopy toopy youpy...remember that, everybody??) David even shoved his face into the cake! and then we smooched, reliving our wedding day...awww, shucks. it was so sweet! (actually, I spit up in my mouth with all the sweetness!)

Thanks to my family and Jeff for the nice gifts that were passed onto my loving husband! Tom, don't forget, we owe you one admission to "Prince Caspian"...

Today, o what a productive day for Mr. David Y! I went to the morning worship service with four of our children and he stayed home with Ethan. I thought it was in the name of allergies and the number they did on him yesterday but he actually planned to work on the retaining walls and get caught up on his personal prayer and Bible reading. When I got home, he was working on the retaining wall (for a total of 8 hours today and now he's at work for a bit this evening!) and has added a bunch onto it...boy golly does it look nice! I will post those pix as well, as soon as Deliverance gets high-speed! ha! just kiddin'! We worked on the pool, mulch, yard, planting as well...these are the days! gotta get that pool up and running!

Man, sorry for the blah, blah! Lots to say but really, nothing to say!
Well, I've tried all morning to get more pix from the weekend posted but I will have to try again later on! Check back later! Have a wonderful Monday!


Natalie said...

Hehe. Chubster.

Brittany said...

LOVE the thunder thighs on Mollster!

Heather said...

Ooh, I just wanna' squeeze those sweet little thighs!