Friday, May 16, 2008

isn't this a funny picture?

I got my new Canon camera tonight...thanks Mommy and Daddy! This picture is one of the results...this kid has the chubbiest face, I do believe.
Beck pointed out the other day that this kid also looks "fake"...Molly, we love you...but you look! your sweet little baby face kills me! that sorry attempt at a hairdo kills me as well. o well...
Ok, just wanted to see if I would be able to upload pix from my lovely new Canon Power Shot! It's a grand thing! G'night!


velvet said...

oh my gosh, i love your fake baby! :) her huge eyes and cheekies are awesome. and yea for the new cam! super fun! how is your son doing - is he feeling better? sorry he was a sickie :(

Hannah-Indiana said...

Rong! Rong! The word police's siren is going off. When you say, "her baby face KILLS ME!" That's speaking negetive words! You get a ticket. You just better hope it doesn't "kill you."

Just kidding. LOL.

P.S. Don't worry, I'll try not to tell on you to Mrs. R. She'd probably give you a ten minute speach about the power of words. HAHAHA.

Natalie said...

Cuuute baby!
Mom just got a Canon camera too. I use it just as much as my own now, because the zoom on it is totally sweet.

I'm bringing my creativity from Myspace over to Blogger. Mwahahaha.

Charmaine said...

But she's so kissably REAL!!! Beautiful family you have my dear... Prayers for Levi.
Love, C

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Hey! You got pictures back!

I always tell you Molly is too pretty to be real! They should make a baby doll after her! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! She is just the sweetest little thing!!! she is sooopy cuoopy! HA HA...i continued to laff about that on the way home last night! She sure is a dolly!!! xoxo

jillybean said...

Just precious! Those eyes are gorgeous! Do you think she'd be willing to loan Lauren some hair? :)

By the way, WB's is kind of on the east side of Indy on Allisonville. That's all the specific directions I know having never driven there myself, but always being a passenger. Mm-mm, good! It's not a fancy place, just a little corner restaurant - no frills, just great pizza! :)

Anonymous said...

what a doll baby!!! Love, Linda

{Happy Homes} said...

She's so PERFECT! That's what it is, she looks like a Madame Alexander doll. Long eyelashes...just beautiful. All your children are very beautiful;0).