Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend continuation

it was his idea to smash his face in part of the cake...what can I say?
He gets funnier as he ages...


Pipes and her Pop!

Nora Bean!!

Tom, David and E...Tom celebrates 38 years and D. celebrates 37

blurry mother and daughter photo...just the way I like it!


I have a sick kid in my house again today! Poor Melanie woke up around 5 with the dreaded stomach bug...and proceeded to hurl all over my bathroom. (nice visual, huh??) That's ok. She handles it like a pro (as if :( :P) and is much more brave than I when it comes to that bodily function. She is now laying helplessly on the couch, watching some PBS with Levi. That's what's going on over here...pretty fun, huh?

These pix are a smattering of the rest of the weekend...I love, love, love my new camera, though I could use a crash course on all of it's functions and such...Kara? where are you? help me, help me! I know there are so many neat things it can do but the manual is written in Chinese. No, not really but it really is kinda tricky!

This coming weekend (Memorial Day, can you believe it??), we are heading up to one of our first of summer, last of summer new hotspots...Lafayette, Indiana...whodathunkit? that it would be such a neat place to hang! We'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. My side of the family (Mom, Dad, Tom, Beck, Scott, Pipes and Nora) and our friend, Jeff, will be staying. It works out because David, Tom, and Jeff will be on a job at Purdue University, which is right up the road from said hotel...they are working that very morning (Sun) and then we will all head up after morning worship and have a day/evening/morning of good food, relaxation and fellowship. Can't wait to try out my new Canon!! Check out my post from last May, where I took reflection picture of my very prego self in a store front window, on our walk thru Lafayette...it's one of my faves!


Will is the sick one today! 3 down, 2 to go, kid-wise...I hope and pray that it isn't David or I that is sick this weekend!! I usually don't get sick and with the kidney stone incident, hopefully that was my "time" to hurl for this year! (aren't you glad I shared that??) Ethan now tells me that he is starting to feel bad...great.

I have been trying, in vain it seems, to upload more pix of the weekend but not sure why it's taking longer than usual...which is long enough to begin with! I'm just about to post this even though all of the pix I had wanted to put on here will be absent! Maybe for another day!
Well, Blogger won't hurry up and post the rest of the pix so I'm outta here...I'll post more later...have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Anonymous said...

THanks for the new post! I know that blogger is causing some trouble for you, but i've waiting! We had such a good time on Saturday night! Thanks for the pics! I love the reinactment of your wedding day...so sweet, so tender...oopy goopy...

dmoms said...

I warned you that bug was a bad one - I hope you don't get it. We all did - all within the same week.

have fun this weekend : )