Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I know, it's been a while...

my adorable sister
one of my adorable nieces, Phebe!!
Happy 3 month b-day, Miss Molly!!
just a little blast from the past...can't believe how
fast time is going....

I have gotten some comments from all of you loved ones...I've been MIA but now I've returned. The weekends hit around here and I don't get on the computer much.

Today's post is a potpourri one...the one of the little girl in the green jumper is my little sis...and I thought it should be on here, for she was such a cutie...she looks so forlorn and little. Funny thing is, she resembles her 3-year old daughter, Piper, in this pic, which is new to me. The second pic is my niece, Phebe, who lives way too far away from all of us!! Andy, I want to squeeze your kids but they are just too far from me. She is adorable and needs some Aunt Laurie lovin'.
Sorry for the randomness of this post...newborn Molly pix are on here in honor of her 3-month birthday (which, when I started this post, it was still Oct. 9)...I can't believe my little daughter is 3 MONTHS OLD...she is so precious! and getting so big, starting to notice her hands, and reach for stuff.
My cousin, Dawn, Aunt Lanie, Laynee, and Taylor are all in town today...so hopefully I will have some pix to post of all of our baby girls together! I might not get on here till Thursday, though, because we have speech club, horse club and visit time tomorrow...I shall return. Thanks for checking in on me, though I am not sure who the anonymous comment is from...clue me in. Is it you, Andrew?
Ok, love and peace to you all...sloppy blogger is signing out!!

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BFFX4 said...

Cute pictures! Such a cool family you have! Happy 3 months, Miss Molly!