Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm still here

Well, shoot, I've been trying to blog since yesterday and the darn blogger somehow can't complete my I will keep trying!

Today is sweet Levi's 5th birthday...can't believe my boy is FIVE!! I need to get some pix on here of him as well but read the first paragraph.

The harvest party went very well...we had 53 people here!! I didn't take very many pix, as it is rather chaotic around here at that moment...I didn't even get a pic of me as a goth...or any of my kids. David is the only one I got a pic of (of which I've been trying to upload for the past hour but to no avail). I will try to get some pix of the kids at their WRHE All Saint's Day enrichment activity tomorrow. The kids are supposed to "dress" up as person who has died "in the faith"...martyred, missionaries, whatever...the boys are going to be two of the missionaries that were killed by the Waorani indians in Ecuador...Jim Elliot and Nate Saint...they are supposed to have 5 clues so people can see if they can guess who they are portraying...Mel may be Corrie Ten Boom or Amy Carmichael but I need to investigate it a bit more. If you have any good ideas out there in cyberspace, let me know...they can also be Bible Characters so we will check it out! Will put on a white t-shirt, ball cap and khaki pants and looked a lot like what I would have imagined one of those missionary guys to look like. except they would have been clean cut. ha, he isn't.

Ok, I will try the pix again in a bit...sorry for the inconvenience. hope you all are doing exceptionally.

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