Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week of Will....

three weeks before delivering firstborn
Hello Will Franklin...
Couldn't believe that big ol' grey
baby had been inside of me. don't
think that idea ever really sinks in!

David was wigged out by W's large conehead...I'm wigged out by his haircut...:)

David and his Mini-Me...

This post is for you, Will. Thirteen years ago this Tuesday, Will Franklin was born. I was nearly 22 at the time and we decided homebirth was for glad we made that decision. Such an incredible experience. And it still amazes me that the Lord brought me through it to live another day. At the time, you sure don't feel like you are going to make it. You really have no idea what to expect...what an experience. whew.

He was born at 7:34 p.m. on a Sunday evening. He weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was 21 and 1/4 inches long. My first thought when he came out was "wow, he really looks like his father". David's first thought (and I think he slept thru this part in our childbirth class) was "What's wrong with his head????" and then you just sit there in amazement upon meeting that new person that was inside, kicking and banging around for so long. I wish you could bottle those first feelings up. Those first foggy days, when you wonder how you will keep yourself alive, let alone a totally dependent little pooper. We were left alone that first night and I remember thinking it's just you and me kid...what was I supposed to do with this kid again?? while David snoozed peacefully next to me...awww man. those were the days (told ya I'd get all nostalgic)

He was so bright and beautiful! Mary Ann, our midwife, missed the actual delivery, but her apprentice, Elizabeth, caught Will. Plopped him right out there on our bedroom floor. Cool, huh?? I wish I wasn't so scared of childbirth now because I would totally love to keep on going. and dang those kids for being so expensive and mouthy. :)

I have a pic from each of the year's of Mr. Will's life and will post more Mon. and Tues. Hip Hip Hooray for you Will. You are a blessing of a son and your Dad, family and I are so thankful to have you in our lives. It's so neat to imagine what the Lord has for your life. My firstborn boy...Luke 2:23-As it is written in the law of the Lord, Every male that openeth the womb shall be called holy to the Lord;...a rather neat verse in the Bible that we stumbled now Will refers to himself, jokingly of course, as the holy son. ha ha. he's funny too!

Hope you all are doing well. I should've gotten pix of Will, E. and I cleaning out the pool today. We had let it sit for a bit and it had gotten pretty nasty and looks much better. now I smell strongly of bleach and pond. ready for take down so D. can make a few repairs. Otherwise, quiet days. I'll be back on tomorrow! G'night all!

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Smooches, Kara said...

WOW!!! Just looking at these pictures knowing that everything and I mean EVERYTHING was about to get started for you guys!! Know you have 5!!! I am sure you are well aware of that fact by the way :) Been a pretty cool adventure so far eh? :)