Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Update...

check out the fall colors at our house...
when the kids ask for your camera, don't tell them
where it is...this is what they are doing....poor baby.

Soccer highlights from the boys' last game...Will in black...
Uncle Tom had Molly up in the air...whatta backdrop!
Ever the multi-tasker, he then places Levi on his shoulders!

Good Tuesday morning...I know you all are just dying to know what we did this weekend. It's ok, I'll tell you...first pic is the view from our driveway...you can see the ongoing porch project as well as the pool project...we got the pool all closed up (mostly)...dismantled for a repair job David needs to do next spring. Kinda sad to think that summer is over. not really. but the swimming pool was a lifesaver this year. So glad that fall is here and you can see some of the spectacular colors we get down here, with all of our trees. Picture #2 is poor Miss Molly getting her face smooshed by her loving brother, E. As I scrolled thru my pix later on, I realized why he had wanted my camera earlier that day.

Pic #3 is Will at his last soccer game...he is pretty aggressive on the field (those of you who know him may find that surprising)...and I had taken NO pics this fall so here's a nice action shot for y'all. Pic #4 is at the game, priceless beauty. couldn't ask for a better back drop on your picture. It was a glorious day...fall finally showed up and thank you. Pic #5 is another priceless shot of Levi on Tom's shoulders. Levi loves his Uncle Tom..Tom is very patient and good with L. Thank you Tom for being such a good uncle.

I have more pix to post...but this thing will only allow me to post 5 at a time so I'll be back with more.

Think of me and pray for me this week, as we prepare for our annual harvest party. There is a lot to do...but it's soooooooooo much fun and so worth it. Wish you out-of-staters could be with us.

Have a lovely day. :)

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Smooches, Kara said...

I ache to be a part of a Harvest party!!! Only if you can deliver on some chilly weather. Still sporting the summer closthes here!!! We crank our air up just to have a reason for hot chocolate!

I miss fall weather!!!