Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Downtown Canal Dec. 06

not such a great picture...
Mr. E. walking along the canal
David and Duncan piggy backin'
Levi and Charlie...troublemakers! :)
You might not be able to tell what the canal is like exactly by looking at these pictures but they bring up warm memories for me...last Dec. when my bro and his family were in town, we bundled up all of our kids (Beck and Pipes included) and took a brisk, fun-filled walk. It's like a different world down there. Andy was paranoid that one of his kids was going to end up in the canal, which is some pretty gross water but not deep at all. He was like a nervous mother hen...Phebe and Piper were in the wagon, trying to stay warm. Duncan got a piggy back ride from his Uncle David and Levi and Charlie caused trouble wherever they went. I am on a quest to get some good canal pix now.

~Up next, Halloween from years past...and week of Levi, who turns the big F-I-V-E next Wednesday (Oct. 31). I can't believe that child is going to be five. I keep telling him that five year old kids can't poo or pee on the Dora potty anymore but he is NOT convinced. I will be toting that thing around for EVER! Good night, or shall I say good morning? It's almost 4 a.m. and I am still up. yikes.

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