Thursday, October 11, 2007


I've warned you about how nostalgic I can get this time of year, so here we go...a little dose for your Thursday!

The top pic is of my kids with their friends, Damiano and Luciano...we met them thru Mount Pleasant soccer 2 years ago...and their mom, Carolyn, a good pal of mine, is in the next pic with Miss Molly. We went to one of Damiano's jr. varsity football games last week (when it was blistering hot in Oct) so I snapped a few shots of the fun and festivities. We are thankful for our good friends!! You guys ROCK!! Thank you for the many fun and special memories! (Notice in the group pic, that Levi is lifting his shirt...dorkenstein. :))

Melanie got to have her good friend, Alisha, aka Lish the Dish, spend the night last Friday. She got to endure the hottest soccer games in history with us!! She is wonderful with kids and has one of the best attitudes I've ever encountered in a nearly 14-year old girl!! You Rock, Alisha...we are thankful to have you and your family in our lives.

The next pic is of our dear Molly...she took a nice little snooze on the futon this morning. She is a beauty, if I do say so my next post, I will share some pix of her when she awoke...Levi was there to greet her and asked me to take some pix of the two of them...they are pretty cute. She is such a bright spot!

The last pic is the view from our upstairs door...the new porch will be so nice!! David and the boys have done such a nice job!! It totally changes the look of our house! Wouldn't it be nice with two big pots of mums by each brick pillar? yeah, I thought so too. all righty then...

I guess I need to get going and get some stuff done so I can post again later on today. Hope you all are having a wonderful day. O yeah, I didn't get ANY pix of my cousin and her babies...I'm such a was constant chaos when we were all together. Maybe next time?? with babies, time is a definite matter. one could be crying, one could be happy and then it would switch. what can ya say?


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