Saturday, October 20, 2007

There's a teenager amongst us....

Partying with the homeschool pals!! E. blew out
Will's candles right after this...not cool, dude.

Superman....or so he thinks.
opening the Schleich animals w/ Uncle Tom...notice E. eating packing popcorn
The delicious Boyden's cake....yumm yumm..and smirky teen.
Will and 15 more Schleich animals for the collection...whale shark is nifty. Man, he looks grown up in this pic...ahhhhhhh.

Ok, so said teenager has been here for four days already but I'm just now getting his birthday party pix posted.
A small group of our fellow homeschoolers had a little party for him this past Wednesday...They all pitched in and got him the PC game Civilization III...he and E. have really enjoyed it. so much so that they (more specifically E) have not wanted to do anything else. That will change. It was a nice party and I've already reminded Sir Will that he has thank you cards to write.
Last night, we had his family sister (who had outpatient surgery the very day before) was in attendance with her brood, as well as Mom, Dad and was a very nice party...lasagna (mom, yours is still the best there is), salad, bread, and BOYDEN'S cake...Will got a lot of nice clothes, the aforementioned 15 Schleich animals...Legos, and money. Thank you to our always make birthdays fun and special. I'll be on him to get those thank you cards done as well...he is 13 excuses.
So there it is...the week of Will is officially up, Week of Levi, who will be turning 5 on October 31. Also, our harvest party is coming up a week from today, so if I haven't emailed you an invite, I'm just a ditz and probably forgot so call me. Come one, Come all. just let me know. Those will be some fun pix....if I remember to take any.


Smooches, Kara said...

I shared the pictures with Cameron and he bursted out inot a lovely rendition of 'Happy Birthday!!' All the way from South Carolina some more Birthday Love for Will!!!

BFF X 4 said...

Will is such an amazing kid. It was a privilege to be a part of the Week of Will!