Friday, May 4, 2012

well hello there!

I was pure Aqua Net and v-neck vest goodness!

coming outta the slump of life....

figured I would try to put something on my loving blog that might bring a chuckle to your soul.

Me, in all of my preppy goodness...and I wonder....could I still pull off this hair 'do? I don't even know if I'd know how to do this again. (and that nose...)

Those white earrings.



Anyways, this weekend promises to be busy, chaotic, fun and wild. I promise to be back with pix of the happenings because I know you are waiting, patiently, by your computer for a word from me. I's ok. 

I'll be back.

On tap for today...

Exercise...bah. Day 2 of Stage 8 of Run Your Butt Off, though I'm quite certain my butt ain't goin' nowhere yo. children.
Exfoliate....for the fun bridal shower I will be attending for my friend, Cyndy, tonight...

and I've plum run out of another E word....

but on a happy note??? My sister and her loving husband (who also happens to be Cyndy's brother) have decided, unofficially, to home educate their lovely daughters, Piper and Nora. 

I'm as happy as a barnacle on a whale.
or a frazzled housewife on half price Frappucino day (which is now...May 4th-13th from 3-5 p.m. btw).
Or a Star Wars Geek (that'd be me too) on Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you. ha ha.

ok...gotta run but hope your weekend shows some signs of promise. (we're getting family pix tomorrow night for the church directory....ha ha. any suggestions? should we all wear black? or do our hair funny?)

May the Fourth be with you.


Tesha said...

Bahhh heee teeee haaaa, I am cracking up! This is just what I needed to make me smile this morning :) LOL., Have a great weekend, can't wait to see those pics!!!....Oh I think you should do the church pictures in eighties dress-up, it's back haven't you heard (WHY?????) and you obviously are good at it LOL.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile, it made my day!!! Have fun at Cyndys shower, wish I could be there!! Tell her I said hi and Congrats please. Could you shoot me an email with her wedding details? Love you my friend, hope to chat with you soon!

Anonymous said...

The Fourth is strong in you, it is! Gotta love, Yoda!

Happy Monday,

Anonymous said...

Just wanted yoy to know that I have been listening to your "blogtrack" a lot the past couple of days. Right now, I am in Kinston listening to Kingstown town. How's that for coincidence? So, thank you for sharing.